Blue Jean Baby Productions


We are a unique production company that offers a full array of creative production services for film and television.
Some of these services include concepting, script writing, generating high value original visuals, and one-of-a-kind production branding.
We approach every production ego free and ready for collaboration, as we believe this to be the key to make any production successful!


LA Times

"[The nomination] means a heck of a lot because we are, every day, faced with the challenges of being female in this business and we have a lot of roadblocks," Michelle said. "Anytime that your work is recognized, your work as a female filmmaker is recognized, it really does mean something, especially coming from our hometown."


"There is a new horror film that all of you need to keep your eye out for called Severed Silence. From what I have read about this film, it looks amazing. And you have two very amazing talented directors and producers, Elizabeta Vidovic and Kathryn Michelle."


Los Angeles, California

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